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Washington property management

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Regions we serve in Washington

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Washington Property Management

$5,000 Rental Income Guarantee

Your residents could lose their income at any time, which could impact your steady rental cash flow. This Rental Guarantee program is unique from others you will find as it actually covers up to $5000 in risk of rental loss.
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Washington Property Management

$2,500 Pet
Guarantee Plan

Over 80% of rental prospects own a pet. Pet friendly properties lease 10 days faster and have a 4% lower vacancy rate. But you might want assurance that your pet friendly rentals are protected from pet damage. Under Mynd’s Pet Guarantee Plan, Mynd will cover damages up to $2500.
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Washington Property Management

$5,000 Eviction
Protection Plan

If your resident is unable to pay rent, you may need to evict them. This could be a very costly process. Under Mynd’s Eviction Protection Plan, we cover the court costs and legal fees up to $5,000, making sure your cash flow is steady and protected.
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The best Washington property management

Mynd is an investment in your investment. A qualified tenant becomes easier to place into your rental property with our Washington property managers. Then rent collection cash flow can be used to build a nationwide rental home investment portfolio, rent collection can be reinvested into your rental property, and more. You decide!
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Washington property management Knowledge Center

After diving into our property management and investing resources, you'll be as fluent in property management as a property manager with a real estate broker's license.
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Our Washington property management offices

Seattle Property Management

707 S. Grady Way
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Washington, 98057

Vancouver Property Management

4400 NE 77th Ave suite 275
Vancouver, WA 98662
United States

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Frequently asked questions
Where does Mynd offer Washington property management services?

Mynd Property Management services the following areas of Washington state, including:

Why should we hire a property manager in Washington?

Working with a hiring manager is the only way a landlord can make investing in real estate truly passive. A property manager also has the experience, vetted professional network, and economies of scale to save you money!

How much should I budget for rental property maintenance?

As a property owner, there are a few ways you can estimate your operating budget.

  • 50% Rule: Save 50% of your monthly rent collection income for maintenance, taxes, insurance, etc. That’s $500 saved if your monthly rental unit income is $1,000.
  • 1% Rule: Save1% of your investment property’s value at the time of acquisition. So, a one million dollar home would require $10,000 in savings.
  • Square Footage Formula: Save $1 for every square foot of your property. So, that’s $3,000 per year for a 30,000 square foot rental.
  • 5x Rule: Save 1.5 times monthly rent for the year. So, rent that’s $1,000 per month means saving $1,500 for the year.
  • CapEx: Big-ticket items like HVACs, roofs, etc., are known as capital expenditures (CapEx). They’re easy to save for because you know their useful lifetime in advance and how much they cost to replace in advance. 

Keep in mind that a property management service like Mynd can save you money using economies of scale, which is when you use the large size of your projects to negotiate for lower costs of materials and labor.

Can I pay someone to manage my Washington rental property?

Yes, for six to 12% of collected monthly rent OR sometimes a flat fee of $99 to $199, you can hand over 100% of property management activity to a residential property management company. And the cost of a property management company can also be deducted from your taxes!

How do I set up a property management plan?

Get a free consultation from Mynd, choose the plan that works best for you, and let us do the rest. If you want, we can help you scale your rental property portfolio across the US. We know many investment strategies to help you meet your investment goals.

What should I look for in a Washington property management company?

Mynd believes we’re the best Washington property management service and that we’ve got the chops to prove it!

  • Ask for references.
  • Consult the Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Have in-depth talks with our residential property managers.
  • Check out our online reviews from multiple sources.
  • Request our internal client satisfaction scores.

You should also ask us specific questions about the property management services offered.

  • How would we prevent early lease terminations? 
  • What’s a 1031 exchange, and how can we help you perform one?
  • What would we do if a storm made the basement flood?
  • What are our tips and tricks to get renters to renew their lease?
  • What’s 100% bonus depreciation, and how can you benefit from it?
  • How can we speed up your rental home turnover?
  • How do you prevent common lease violations?
  • How can your real estate investment business qualify for the 20% qualified business income deduction?
What are five different roles and responsibilities of property managers?
  1. Bookkeepers: Your property manager will document the in and out of cash-flows, manage funds in reserve, and help with tax deductions.
  2. Project Managers: Your property manager will delegate maintenance and repair tasks. You’ll benefit from your property manager’s large network of trusted professionals, which is important because you’re legally responsible for any damage any employee or contractor does to the tenant or their property.
  3. Emergency Contact: Your property manager answers the phone if the HVAC stops working in the middle of a heatwave.
  4. Legal Counsel: Your property manager keeps up with all local, state, and federal laws to limit your exposure to risk and financial penalties while protecting the interests of all involved parties.
  5. Tenant Liaisons: Your property manager screens, places, retains, and evicts tenants.
Why is it important to have a property management agreement?

A property management agreement is important because it protects the rights of the property investor and the property management company. With an agreement, you know exactly what every management fee and leasing fee is for and what to do if someone violates any of the agreements’ terms.

What is the standard term for a management agreement?

The average length of a property management agreement is one year, although some companies have month-to-month plans.

Is hiring a Washington property manager worth it?

Absolutely! Just look at what Mynd’s most affordable property management package gets you in Washington.

  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Finding potential tenants
  • Potential tenant screening
  • Dedicated portfolio manager
  • Digital lease application and lease signing
  • Legal advice
  • Following fair housing laws
  • Electronic security deposit and rent collection
  • Financial reporting
  • Legal and compliance
  • Online portal
  • Qualified Tenant placement
  • Prospective tenant screening
  • Handling repairs, property inspection, and every maintenance request
  • Eviction
  • And more

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