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Tennessee property management

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Regions we serve in Tennessee

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Results are guaranteed

  • $5,000 Rental Income Guarantee

    Payment delays? We’ve got you. If a Mynd-placed resident misses a payment, we’ll cover up to $5,000, so you can keep receiving your distributions on time.

  • $5,000 Eviction Protection Plan

    In the rare case that we need to evict a Mynd-placed resident, we’ll cover court costs and legal fees up to $5,000, making sure your cash flow is steady and protected.

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The best Tennessee property management

Mynd is an investment in your investment. Our professional Tennessee property management services make your rental property better, inspiring quality tenants to become long-term renters. Use your rent collection cash flow to grow your rental home portfolio nationwide, invest the rent cash flow back into your property, and more.

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Learn more about Tennessee investing in Mynd's Knowledge Center

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about real estate. Learn everything we know about investing and property management so you can talk about it with us or anyone else. Explore our property management and investing resources below to learn more about opportunities in Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

Our Tennessee property management offices

  • Nashville property management

    555 Marriott Drive
    Suite 315
    Nashville, Tennessee 37214
    United States

    Phone  615-206-2700

  • Memphis property management

    5100 Polar Ave.
    27th Floor
    Memphis, Tennessee 38137
    United States

    Phone  901-295-3091

  • Phyllis Ruff profile pic user review

    Phyllis Ruff

    Michael was very helpful in arranging for me to view several properties on the same day to minimize my searching time. He asked questions to confirm that I had the necessary information available to make the proper decision on selecting a rental property. Booking an in-person tour was simple!

  • Anthony Delserro user review profile pic

    Anthony Delserro

    Willie P. Has been such an integral part of our settling into our new home. Upon moving in there were a couple issues that needed to be fixed and Willie had them serviced right away with a quick turnaround time and zero friction. He’s been incredibly communicative and patient and helpful during the process and without him none of these maintenance issues would’ve been addressed as quickly. He had everything fixed in a timely manner and responded to any and every questions we had along the way. He’s been our primary source of truth and he deserves five stars for all the work and time he’s put into helping us settle into our new home. Thanks Willie!

  • Brienne Herbert user profile pic

    Brienne Herbert

    I haven't been with Mynd for very long, but they have seemed to impress me thus far. We had an issue with our heat not working. I contacted Mynd through their app, and had a quick response from one of their representatives. That representative was Napoleon Fernández. He was fantastic! He got someone to come out as quickly as possible. That someone was Stephen from Comfort Services. Stephen fixed our heat and made sure everything was working properly before leaving. During all this, Napoleon stayed in contact making sure that the problem was being solved. I can't thank these two enough for their hard work to ensure that we were taken care of.


  • What does a residential property management company do?

    A good property management company should be your eyes and ears on the ground for all property or tenant-related needs, ensuring you get the support needed, including

    • Write rental property listings 

    • Tenant screening

    • Tenant placement

    • Ensure easy rental property turnover 

    • Perform regular maintenance 

    • Help you make tax deductions

    • Maximize rental income

    • Avoid surprising liabilities

    • Property inspection

    • Early lease terminations

    • Encourage qualified tenant renewals

    • Manage tenant satisfaction

    • Respond to every maintenance request ASAP

    • Interact with your homeowner's association (HOA)

    • Eviction

    • And more

  • What makes a good property manager?

    Expertise and level-headedness are crucial to good property management. A good property manager knows how to talk with people, negotiate prices, and anticipate challenges. 

    A good property manager also needs to maintain a professional, respectful, and amiable demeanor no matter what's going on. Property managers see it all, from renters excited to find a new home to residents in challenging circumstances facing eviction. Through it all, property managers need to know what to do and how to do it calmly.

  • Does Mynd charge additional fees for property management?

    As a property management company, Mynd only charges the monthly rate and one-time costs associated with new leases and lease renewals. Outside of that, we only have investors pay for service, repairs, and/or maintenance requests. Costs for repairs vary based on the scope of the work. The Mynd team works with a network of approved vendors to deliver quality work at fair rates, and around 50% of our service requests are handled by our in-house technicians or virtually (virtual service requests come at no additional cost). 

    For larger projects that are more specialized or technical work, we use a network of vetted vendors, and our in-house team of trade specialists to review every bid. This ensures you get the highest-quality work without being over-charged. In the event we receive a volume discount from a vendor or supplier, we pass on those savings.

  • Do property managers find renters?

    The property managers at Mynd find prospective renters, and perform a renter screening process that focuses on finding responsible, consistent, and reliable potential renters.

    That means they pay rent when it's due, they communicate when maintenance or repairs are needed, and they meet all of the expectations outlined in your lease agreement.

    Most importantly, Mynd focuses on finding renters who will stay in place for a long time, and they treat your property as if it is their own.

  • How does Mynd ensure property vacancies?

    Mynd takes steps to minimize vacancies

    • Advertising a property before the current resident's pre-agreed move-out date.

    • Virtual tours and self-showings.

    • Effective resident screening and speedy lease agreement signings.

    • Avoiding leasing fraud.

    • Minimizing property turnover time and moving tenants in quickly.

    • Encouraging lease renewal through resident appreciation.

    • Following all laws, rules, and regulations to avoid lease violations.

  • What are the tax benefits of owning rental properties?

    There are benefits associated with single-family rental homes that can ease the tax burden. Among the expenses that can be deducted are:

    • Cleaning and maintenance

    • Mortgage interest

    • Insurance costs

    • Marketing budget for a property

    • Property management fees

    • Fees charged by a condo or homeowners association (HOA)

    • Property taxes

    • Services the investor pays for (gas, gutter cleaning, etc)

    • Professional fees associated with income property, such as legal expenses or budget keeping.

    Mynd has a primer on the 20 percent Qualified Business Deduction, one of the hidden tax benefits related to rental property ownership. And Mynd has a complete list of 31 tax deductions that are available to landlords that are often overlooked.

    To avoid paying capital gains taxes when it comes time to sell a property, a seller can execute a 1031 exchange, which shields the profits from the sale of a property if it is used to buy another property of equal or greater value. But there is a time limit of 180 days for the purchase of a new property, which can put pressure on a buyer to accept a less desirable deal.

    There’s yet another tax break for rental property owners known as the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction, which allows deductions of up to 20% off taxable rental income. The QBI has a threshold of $315,00 for married taxpayers and $157,000 for everyone else. Any income that falls below the threshold is allowed the full 20% deduction. Those who make more than the threshold can still get the deduction, but it’s a new and complicated deduction so a tax professional should offer guidance.

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